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Verne Williams

Verne Williams is an interviewer, storyteller, raconteur, voice-over artist, narrator, actor, boxing trainer, former jazz trumpeter and organic farmer!

Now widely appreciated as “Boxing’s Best Friend”™ for his efforts to uncover the real stories of the men and women who inhabit the world of the “Sweet Science”, this one-of-a-kind interviewer bringis a unique, personal perspective each time he sits down with a celebrity.

Think: “Studs Terkel meets Charlie Rose”, in the body of tough former boxer. (As a young man, Verne held the First Army welterweight title, with the distinction of holding down a chair in the First Army Band at the same time!)

Verne Williams comes equipped with a charming wry wit that captures the hearts of his subjects and the attention of his audiences. It’s a warm, intelligent on-mic presence ready for radio and on-camera.


Verne Williams

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Updated on May 28, 2008