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Manhattan Prairie Reserve

The music of MANHATTAN PRAIRIE RESERVE has been described as eclectic and unique by listeners who first encounter this far-from-ordinary band. With clear-toned vocals and world-class musicianship, the songs are filled with inspirational positive messages about life and love. The sound of this multi-cultural five-piece group finds its roots in acoustic folk music, electric rock, and jazz, yet the elements combine in an entirely new and refreshing way.

Led by guitarist/composer Stephen Benson and vocalist Liza Binford, the group includes bassist Gaku Takanashi, drummer Sunny Jain, and keyboardist Ted Cruz. Their formidable and diverse collective musical experience is applied to songs with music by Stephen Benson and lyrics and music by M.W. Wahundra, the  reclusive unseen force behind the creation of MANHATTAN PRAIRIE RESERVE.

A little history: singer Binford was leading Kirtan (Sanskrit chanting) and guitarist Benson was performing on Broadway, when they were first approached by Wahundra to help him realize the music he heard in his mind. Liza’s touching and expressive style was a perfect fit and Stephen’s strong arranging and composing abilities took the spiritual messages and built contemporary songs from them.

Not to be confused with over-night sensations, the music of MANHATTAN PRAIRIE RESERVE gestated for a few years before it was determined that the time was right to bring the songs before the public. The search for musicians to fit the unusual demands of the songs happily led to the assembling of the completed line-up, all drawn from the top echelon of New York’s music scene.

In recent showcase performances audiences have had their bodies moved and souls uplifted, and the word is spreading about MANHATTAN PRAIRIE RESERVE. We hope you’ll join us in presenting this fine new band.

Manhattan Prairie Reserve
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Updated on May 4, 2008